Search Engine Optimization SEO

Spark Your Ideas has proven success in taking clients from invisible to impossible to ignore in search engine results and social media.
After performing thorough research to determine winnable keywords, a creative strategy of on-page optimization, organic search engine marketing and strategic pay-per-click advertising is developed and implemented. Then we test and monitor what we’re doing, so we’re implementing what works and using budgets wisely.
To complement this we craft a strategy for social media management (SMM) that supports SEO efforts and enhances visibility. Thoughtful submissions and management of interactions on social media sites strengthens relationships with clients or customers, reinforces branding and drives traffic to your website.

Full SEO Services

• Keyword research
• On-page optimization
• Organic and paid link building
• Blog writing
• Website traffic tracking and analysis (ROI)
Our SMM services include:
• Account design and setup
• Content research and generation
• Monitoring and responding to activity on accounts
• Social media advertising management